Jimmy Pascale
Jimmy Pascale appears in "My First and Last Film" as an object of Johnny's frustration and disgust. He was unaware that he was being filmed.

Born in the Bronx, NY, Pascale started off making exploitation films in the early 1990s. His big breakthrough came with 1995's "Italian Cop", which hit a nerve with both art-house audiences and action movie fans. This led to Pascale's continued success with his "Alien Cop" series.  Combining the sci-fi genre with gritty Italian-American mob movies has become Pascale's signature.


Chainsaw Retailer 1991 
Italian Cop 1995    
King of the Cops 1996 
Super Coatti (Italy) 1999                    

Alien Cop 1 2000                  
Alien Cop 2 2001                     
Alien Cop 3 2001                    
Alien Cop 4 (in production) 2003                                              

I Coatti di Ostia (Italy) 1999
A Tu i Tutta La Vostra Famiglia 2001